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KAngra VAlley

Kangra is one of the most stunning spots in Himachal Pradesh which is in the western Himalayas. They added the Kangra zone to Himachal Pradesh in 1966. Kangra locale is the most common region among all the 12 regions. Kangra and Dharmashala are noteworthy vacationer objectives. There are many best places in Kangra to visit.The people are the Kangri people and the language is Kangri. The standard dress for men is the kurta, pajama wear, and a woolen coat utilized in winter. Women, wear the salwar kameez. Further I will tell You some Interesting facts and best places in Kangra you can explore .

Some interesting things and best palces in Kangra

Devi Bhoomi

Kangra is also called Dev Bhoomi Because there are many famous temples in Kangra. TheBrijeshwari Temple most famous Temple is the Bajreshwari Devi temple. The temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas of Goddess Sati or Shakti. Other than Bajreshwari Devi temple, many other famous temples are there also Chintpurni Temple, Chamunda Devi Temple, Jwalamukhi, etc. These famous temples comes in best places in Kangra you can visit and explore there.

Kangra Fort

Kangra Fort design by the royal Hindu family of Kangra, that because of the Katoch family.
First off it capture by Mahmud of Ghazni then in 1337 by Muhammad Bin Tughluq.kangra fort
Later it capture by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir WHO place his troops within the fort and appoint a Governor for preventing the confusions of hill chiefs.
Kangra fort entered through a little yard that’s enclose by 2 gates.
This yard ends up in an extensive and slim passage that reaches to the highest of the fort through the Ahani and Amiri Darwaza.

Kangra valley

Kangra valley is popular for its magnificence and nature at its best. Drive through this valley gives you such a great amount to understanding.Kangra Valley

You can make a stop at wherever to appreciate the perspectives on Dhauladhar slopes. Low mists, fog, and successive downpours add to the magnificence of this spot.


Talking of Palampur, it very well may be come to by transports which are very regular (they pass by each 20-30 minutes). Palampur is not at all like a standard slope station. It feels like somewhere else in itself – nothing even near the quick-paced life of an average palampurIndian city. The commercial center is basic, there are not any road lights, there is no forte, no shopping center street.

There are many eateries and bread shops that offer straightforward nourishment. They shut the market on Monday. The way that even local people neglected to state that out us on our voyage to the market caused us to acknowledge how bound the town is to itself.

Café Coffee Day is one of the main national natural ways of life present. So in case you’re searching for brilliant eatery nourishment. Neugal bistro which gets its name from the Neugal Khand close by is the one restaurant each nearby depends on. Very basic by Delhi benchmarks, it offers Indian, Chinese and mainland nourishment. This is one of only a handful of hardly any attractions in Palampur.

Territories close to Palampur are excellent and total heaven for slope darlings. Clean natural air and an intriguing climate, one can invest energy doing nothing here.


Dharamsala was being administered by the Katoch Dynasty of Kangra. But, it faces an enormous blow from the British that makes them sign the settlement and handover the spot under the care of the British government. This settlement is yet kept in the exhibition hall of Dharamsala to mirror its sublime past.Delightful nourishment with a sample of Tibet foodDharamshala
The smell of Tibet noodles and the mouth-watering taste is making the guests visit the city by and by. Dharamsala gives some renowned and prevalent eatery and a gathering of the slowdown that makes you acquainted with the genuine taste of Tibet.

An energizing and brave adventure

Dharmsala is the spot for trekking where many trekkers come so about investigate the renowned Mt. Dhauladhar by intersection a few streams, waterways, the coniferous woodland and some high or soak rough places of Mt. Dhauladhar. Dharamsala gives chances to investigate the uncover Dharamsala valley either by visiting the little spot name Mcleodganj or by offering them with the administration of “Paragliding”. The city has a part of the popular shake cut sanctuaries, caverns, and well-known galleries, which draws in the vast majority of the vacation spots each year. Dharamsala is the best spot of enthusiastic audacious individuals who need their outing to be rarely overlooked.

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