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 Guest Blogs &Travel stories and life stories are an integral part of this vision. Come and tell us your story and we will showcase it on our page. We aim to provide you all the information in one place. This is an initiative to bring out the stories .Trvael & Capture2 is a place to find travel inspiration from the latest travel news, reviews, and destination features. By sharing your traveling experiences we able to help others find hope and inspiration. Everyone has their stories so we invite you to share your favorite memories, experiences & special moment and we will publish guest blogs and stories to our website as well as to our page also.

Guidelines and Terms of Conditions to Submit Guest blogs.

  • Please provide the relevant stories which can inspire and encourage also.
  • You can share photos, videos, travel tips, places to visit & experiences.
  • The stories should be of minimum 1000 words.
  • The information provided should be correct,unique and relevant to the subject.
  • We regard everybody’s work. In the event that we discover that you have replicated a post from elsewhere, you will get a moment boycott and quick expulsion of all your blog entries . Additionally, by presenting a Blog to Travel & Capture2, you give us copyright responsibility for post. This causes us to manage any DMCA related issues.
  • We appreciate every work and if your thought is a subsidiary of another person’s work, don’t hesitate to give them credit. The equivalent goes for pictures that you use on your post. It would be ideal if you give credit where credit is required.
  • Comments are the discussions about your distributed article. Answer any questions identified with your article through the remarks. This will give you more introduction and help out your perusers.

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