Lavasa Hills

Lavasa Hill station

The Lavasa Hills is a beautiful Hill Station in Pune Maharastra. The additionally attributable by several as the Republic of India’s newest tourer attraction. This is one of the foremost stunning places for you to go to India. It actually brings out the essence of nature in its purest kind and helps you communicate with mother earth like never before. Lavasa is stunningly clean and well maintained and can offer you with all its wonders. Lavasa hill station is bound to urge you hooked by its evergreen lush scenic beauty and peaceful atmosphere.

Best Time to Visit Lavasa Hills

Lavasa Hills has one more advantage of getting pleasant surroundings. The best time to visit this place is in the winter and monsoon season. if you’re designing an unforgettable vacation you must visit this place. Lavasa is 2 thousand feet on top of the water level. The monsoons and winter in Lavasa characterized by serious rain and funky winds so creating the place exotic and exquisite. The weather remains an attractive whole year.

Things to Do 

It boasts of getting glorious recreational facilities for all age teams of each out of doors and indoor games. Everything from trekking to Street plays to indoor games to look at, Lavasa incorporates a ton to supply.

How to reach Lavasa Hills

To reach Lavasa by flight, you prefer air transportation to Mumbai or Pune Airport after which you should arrange a rental vehicle or taxi to reach Lavasa. The adventure on the route from Mumbai or Pune to Lavasa will take up to 3 to 4 hours. The closest railroad station is Pune Railway Station which is around 29 km’s from Lavasa. Every single important city and town of India links with rail to Pune. You have to head out by street to reach Lavasa subsequent to getting off the train and as the street condition is great, your adventure is expected to be smooth.

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